My husband and I are still so busy but we enjoyed some trips last year.

In summer, we spent 1 week in Hokkaido and enjoyed canoing and houseback riding.

We went to Taiwan with my mother at the last of the year.

The purpose of the trip to Taiwan is that "Let's find the place around where my mother used to live".
My mother grew up in Taipei, Taiwan until 14 years old (before WWII)
My mother's house does not exist anymore but we could find the "place".
So we have a very good trip, especially my mother.

We spent lots of time of weekends for playing tennis.
I still play golf one a month, but now I prefer playing tennis!!
Oh, I have to say that I played a game of competition for the first time.
Do not ask the result.

Anyway we are fine!

January 1, 2009