A Happy New Year!

I went hospitals more times than usual last year.

In February, my mom stayed in hospital for about a month for fever with unknown reason.
In March, my mother-in-law got the operation of back problem.
Just after her operation, my father-in-law almost died for heart attack
during his care of heart.
All of them are fine now.

Finally I myself got an operation in November and left my jobs for about a month.
But I am fine now, so you do not need warry.

During staying the hospital, I started to read "Harry Potter".
I already read "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix " but unfortunately Year 6&7
in Japanese are not published as pocketbooks yet.
I have been waiting them while watching DVD. :-)

Anyway, my husband and I are fine, thank you.
We enjoy playing golf (once a month) and tennis(every weekend),
as well as horseback riding & canoing in summer at Onuma, Hokkaido.

I tried to entry tennis taunament several times, but I have not got any win.

My aim of this year is "I get win at least once"

January 1st, 2010

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